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Trinity Pre-school has been situated in Fareham for many years and is privileged to be oversubscribed year after year. We are one of the main feeder pre-schools for many of the local primary schools including Harrison, Uplands and Redlands. We offer a safe stimulating caring environment and work with the children, parents and carers to provide strong foundations for a happy and successful future. Our dedicated team ensures individual supervision and teaching.

The most important people at Trinity Pre-School are the children. We have two morning sessions (blue and yellow groups) with up to twenty five children in each. Our afternoon group (green group) has up to twenty five children at each extended session. Staff will interact with the children by encouraging, facilitating and supporting them whilst they have fun, learn through play, talk about their experiences and share their enjoyment with others, thus enabling the children to become more confident and independent. We employ at least four members of staff in each group. Both groups have a deputy manager leading, with a senior practitioner leading in their absence. We aim to have a staff ratio of at least 1:4 or 1:5 adults to children. This enables us to provide individual care and attention.

Trinity operates an ‘open door policy’, which enables parents to have immediate daily contact with their key person whilst they are on duty. The child’s allocated co-key person will deputise in their absence. There may be an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress when you are in the setting as a parent helper or you can make an appointment at a mutually convenient time with your child’s key person. Our team are available at the beginning and end of each session for a less formal chat.

By laying the foundations for children to develop we provide opportunities to realise their own potential through varied and stimulating activities. Over time they will become confident, caring children able to take on new challenges. We know your child will be happy and enjoy coming to our “Outstanding” Pre-school. For more information on what makes us outstanding, please see our Latest Ofsted Report.

Latest Ofsted Report 

Our Aim

Our aim at Trinity Pre-school is to support and encourage the children we look after to develop and grow in confidence in readiness for their eventual transition to primary school. We encourage them to express their ideas and feelings through working and concentrating independently and also to take part in group activities. They learn sharing and co-operating with other children and adults. Through the activities we provide they learn ways to express themselves, be imaginative, socially interact, explore, experiment and most of all to have fun!

Our Objectives

At Trinity we aim to foster:

• A safe, caring, and stimulating environment where friendship and respect for others is important.

• The desire to learn and apply their knowledge in the world around them. (This is encouraged by daily planned activities based on observations of their needs and interests.)

• It is paramount that first and foremost, the children are happy; so it is important that staff and parents work together.

• Children are able to use the pre-school as a stepping stone to grow in confidence and independence away from home in a safe environment which will help them with their transition to “big” school. At Trinity children learn through play and follow The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. You can access this curriculum for further information via the Department of Education’s website.



Trinity was first established in May 1966. A local school teacher, her husband and some close friends found very little play and learning facilities available for children living in and around rapidly growing new housing near Miller Drive in Fareham. Having researched the possibilities of a new venture of providing a play based environment for the children, premises were found on the top floor of the cricket pavilion at Park Lane recreation ground and were subsequently named the, ‘New Pavilion Playgroup’. History has begun………….

Relocating, two years later to the newly built youth centre close to Trinity Street. Its new name became, ‘Playgroup at the Youth Centre’. Twenty eight years later new premises had to be found due to a development project for the youth centre. In 1996 with the assistance of the local council, the newly named Trinity Pre-School moved to the Community Centre in Queens Road where we remained for a further 10 happy years until 2006. Once again, a new housing development for the site meant a move was imminent. We packed up and relocated to our current premises which are attached to Fareham Methodist Church in Kings Road Fareham.