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Application Form

Please contact us via our Contact form or send a completed Application Form to trinitypreschoolunder5s@gmail.com

Introductory Session

A happy introduction to Trinity Pre-School is important and before your child’s start date, you and your child will be invited to attend our Stay and Play morning sessions. This allows you both to become familiar with the routine and with some of the other children and staff, and will hopefully make it easier for your child to settle in.

You will receive information prior to your child’s starting with a photograph (where possible) of their Key person. This provides a familiar welcoming face. If your child has a particular comforter, then please let them bring it in to help them overcome any possible initial anxieties.

Toilet Training

Please do not be anxious regarding ‘toilet training’. This is a natural progression and should not be rushed. We will work with you in achieving this, just ensure we have a spare, named set of clothing to change your child should the need arise.

Keeping in Touch

You will have a Home Liaison Diary, Home Recording Sheet and Library book sent in your child’s book bag, mainly updated on their allocated weekly key work day. Discussions with our parents/carers during Consultation Days/Parents Meetings are face to face appointments and take place twice per annum. (Parent/carers can request to see their child’s profiles at any time.) We have a further two parents review sessions throughout the academic year where reviews are sent home for parental input and feedback. Should any parent or carer have any specific question or query that needs time to be discussed please make arrangements with your key person to talk at the end of session or on a mutually convenient day/time. Termly Bulletins are also sent to parents via email to keep you informed of forthcoming events.

Additional Needs

Children with additional needs are welcomed in our setting. We have extensive experience with outside agencies such as Speech Therapists, Health Visitors, Paediatricians, Educational Psychologists, Outreach Workers and Behaviour Support and can refer your child to the appropriate service and provide you with helpful information. The appointed SENCO is Patte Gogos, who has been trained specifically to ensure the SEN process is worry free as possible for parents and carers.

All staff are trained in areas relating to additional needs and their preferred areas of expertise. The setting will always follow SEND Code of Practice for the Early Years.


It is not compulsory for your child to wear our uniform, but we feel it can give them a sense of identity and saves wear and tear on their normal clothes. You can purchase sweatshirts shirts, t-shirts and heavy duty book bags from the preschool throughout the year.