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Extreme Weather


Sun hats should be brought into the setting each day clearly marked with your child’s name. You will need to protect your child with sufficient factor sun lotion before dropping your child off, and it is recommended to wear long sleeved arms and legs for the best protection


Winter – if the weather is chilly please ensure your child has a coat, hat and gloves at pre-school as the children play outside for much of the morning session.


In the event of either snow or ice pre-empting the risk of pre-school closure of any morning session, notification of any imminent closure will be on our website, www.trinitypreschoolfareham.co.uk and Hampshire County Councils website: www.hantsweb.gov.uk/schoolclosures. We will also endeavour to add notification of closure to BBC Radio Solent and Heart FM from 06.00am onwards. Before leaving home it would be prudent that you check with any of the above up until at least 08.30. Should weather deteriorate during session hours all parents or next of kin will be contacted to pick their child up immediately.