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We encourage your child to be independant, so please ensure that your child is wearing sensible clothing to play in.

We recommend easy fastening clothes and preferably no belts around trousers as this makes independent toileting and changing easy for our young children. Footwear should be closed toed shoes, boots, plimsolls or trainers.

Children are able to hang their coats and bags on the coat large coat rack in the foyer. Changes of clothing, nappies and wipes brought in from home should be put into a named bag and placed beside or on the hanger of the child’s coat peg.

A Parents Guide to the EYFS Curriculum

Link to PDF

Healthy Donation

As a charity we would gratefully request that families donate a piece of fruit, vegetable or breadsticks to enable our children to share this at snack time with their milk or water.

IMPORTANT! Please inform us if your child has any allergies or develops a food or drink allergy throughout their time at Trinity.

Parent Updates

  • Noticeboard We will keep you updated with all the latest information on the Pre-school noticeboard located in the main hall
  • Term Bulletin Lets you know what is happening via email
  • News Board Events are posted on the News Board at Morning Drop-Offs
  • Parents Day Every Term
  • Open Door Policy Parents are welcome at any time
  • Daily Your child’s Key Worker will meet you at the beginning of each session
  • Weekly Your child’s Home Liaison Diary will be completed by their key worker informing you of your child’s activities/achievements that day